04 April 2013

Behind The Brush Ft. Reem Saenz

Masha'allah it has been a really really long time! But it is a goal of mine to get CG back up and running. Insha'allah you will continue on this journey with us girls!
So lets cut to the chase, I know a few months ago around in November or even December I promised you all a video of Reem Saenz's Documentary. VOILA I have finally posted it up on to my youtube account. Everyone please go and watch this and learn a little more about Reem Saenz!

her face book page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzmkFW7BKE4
her you tube channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/reemsaenz

I would like to throw out a little thank you for Reem allowing me to follow her around and film, and apologize for the delay in getting this video up! Thank you to everyone being so patient with us.

This video name is Behind The Brush ft. Reem Sandra Saenz.
Directed and Produced by Malak Abdallahi

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22 October 2012

Coming Soon!

Hello everyone it is Malak!
Although I haven't been posting much in a long time I have a big announcement to make to you all. I will be producing a Documentary over the next month, and this is going to be a special video because it will be about Reem Saenz who is a well known Makeup artist in the DFW area. Now I don't want to leak to much about this video but I would love for you all to stay updated with Covered Girl, and keep checking back until I have this video up! (:

Here is a link of Reems Official web page

love you all! -Malak

19 September 2012

Awesome Hijab Tip #1

We all know how annoying it is when you're wearing a shirt with a large neckline and we have to adjust our hijab or even wear another shirt under to cover our neck up. I thought of this after I bought this super cool shirt from Egypt:

It's like a turtle neck bra kinda thing. It's awesome! I wear it when my shirt's neckline is kinda low to avoid wearing an entire shirt under it. 
But obviously, not everyone goes overseas and even then it's hard to find. However, I realized it looks a lot like...

... the big piece in two-piece hijabs! Why don't we just wear the big piece around our neck instead of on our head and then tuck in the bottom into our shirts? Bye-bye peeping necks! 

29 August 2012

My Eid Hijab tutorial

Eid-inspired Hijab tutorial. Sorry for the bad lighting, I lost my tripod so I used my laptop. Never again.
Hope you like it!

05 August 2012

Eid Inspiration

Salaam Everyone! It's Dallah :)

Inshallah you have all been making use of the blessed month of Ramadan! Alhamdullilah. It has been a great month for me to relax with my family and focus on my deen.

Many of you are probably try to decide what to wear for Eid! So I put together a couple of outfits that are meant to inspire. Some can be worn for the day of Eid, or events like weddings after Ramadan. Enjoy and give me some feedback :)


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